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"In this day and age, selecting an insurance carrier for your home, automobile or watercraft has become a very challenging task because ones mind is overwhelmed with the advertisements that are constantly being pushed on TV and social media. The difficulty comes from the lack of being able to develop a trusting relationship with any particular company and the absence of a truly caring insurance agent that can guide you and take a personal interest in your case. This is what sets Killingsworth Agency apart from the myriad of agents out there. I've been dealing with Killingsworth Agency, particularly Danielle for decades for all of my personal and business needs and quite frankly without them I would feel totally vulnerable, but they remove the element of doubt and uncertainty. Regardless of your need, if the word insurance comes into play, then think of Killingsworth first."


Mohammad Shuayb, Shuayb Dental


"All of the staff at Killingsworth are very easy to work with and have exceptional experience. Dianne, Danielle, and all of the employees go above and beyond no matter what the task is! It is so nice knowing that they will take care of you and your insurance needs! I couldn’t say enough wonderful things about Killingsworth Insurance Agency."


Rachel Lowman


"We can’t say enough about the service and dedication of the Killingsworth Insurance Agency. Whether it’s a quick question or doing research regarding a specific insurance matter, they always respond in a timely manner. Their attention to detail is outstanding. Diane, Danielle, and the rest of the staff really care about their clients. Thanks for always having our back!"


Matt and Beverly Lowman


"Killingsworth Agency possesses a high level of customer service. Their attention to detail when dealing with customers is by far superior to most in the industry. Opening the front door of the office puts a smile on your face as all the staff are friendly, attentive, and responsive to all needs. A few hugs when leaving is also a much welcome gesture!"


Cliff (Gene) Manuel SR